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AE Ergonomics produces advanced ergonomic lifting and positioning equipment capable of handling the most demanding applications safely. Our solutions provide well-being and efficiency to workers, and our decades of industry experience lends to the close relationships we've built with people like you.

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↓ Ergo-Lyft ↓

an ergonomic, compact, powerful, battery powered lift that makes moving and lifting your product safe and easy
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Ergo-Lyft Standard Features

  • 650 pound lift capacity at 12" horizontal from mounting plate
  • Lightweight solid aluminum parts power coated to your choice of available colors
  • 4 swivel casters for ease of movement
  • Rear locking casters (swivel, directional and total lock) controlled by 1 foot pedal
  • Ball screw lift and permanent magnet drive motor to eliminate drifting
  • Hand pendant master control complimented with up/down control on handlebars
  • Heavy duty 24V 22AH SLA battery system for extended run time
  • Smart 24V 5AH built in battery charger with status light
  • Battery charge indicator, e-stop button and speed controls all at an ergonomic, easy to reach height
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ergo lyft buttons ergo lyft operator interface ergo lyft easily adjustable limit switches for the up/down travel, and adjustable speed control on up/down and rotate functions
ergo lyft 650 interface

Ergo-Lyft Options

  • Lithium ion batteries for extended run time and faster charging
  • 3", 4", 5" and 6" front swivel and/or locking casters
  • Anodizing available
  • Power coated to your choice of available colors
  • Custom engraving of your company logo, asset number or area designation

Whatever your application, we can design and manufacture a custom end effector to safely and efficiently lift, rotate, grip and transport your part to eliminate operator strain, fatigue and injury.

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↓ Ergo-Cart ↓

a powerful height-adjustable battery operated cart capable of easily accommodating job tasks in a safer manner
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Ergo-Cart Standard Features

  • Pinch point decals
  • Multiple aluminum pillar design
  • 4 swivel casters for ease of movement
  • Rear locking casters (swivel, directional and total lock)
  • 120V electric pillars with programmable height adjustment
  • Programmable control panel for height adjustment
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Ergo-Cart Options

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↓ Cyclops ↓

a tabletop positioning device providing an easy and safe solution for maneuvering and holding objects steadily
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↓ Wall-Mounted Articulating Arm ↓

Manufactured using solid aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and 360 degree slew bearings, our wall-mounted articulating arms are custom made for customer's weight and reach requirements. Able to fold up on itself for easy out of the way storage, they're finished in customer's choice of color.

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↓ About AE Ergonomics ↓

“Safety Above All Else”

Our decades of experience in industry and risk management has been combined to offer you ergonomic solutions that put safety above all else.

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